CDS 4.8 Overdrive

Hydramaster CDS™ 4.8 Overdrive – Signature Carpet Cleaning Services only uses the very best equipment. We use a truck mounted HydraMaster CDS (Clutch Drive System) 4.8 Overdrive system that has been engineered for over two decades. The Overdrive Power Train Technology has incredible vacuum power to get your carpets drier. It includes CDS Electronic Speed Control to increase vacuum performance by 30% and reduce fuel consumption 25% to 30%. With the CDS™ Overdrive system you can be assured that you will receive superior service.

Hydramaster RX-20™ HE (High-Efficiency)
Have tough stains that seem impossible to remove? The RX-20 Rotary Extractor tool has earned the gold Seal of Approval for its extraction from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it meets the highest standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness. With 3 spray jets, matched with 5 vacuum slots, the RX-20 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This incredible scrubbing action releases soils while fluffing up and restoring carpet life.



Basic Cleaning

Spot Out

Spot Out – Signature Carpet Cleaning supplies you with a free 8oz bottle of Professional Strength spot removal. Spot Out produces professional results when used on wet cleanable carpet and upholstery stains. It also makes short work out of stains on wet cleanable clothing. Spot Out leaves carpets fresh and free of sticky soil-attracting residues without any rinsing. For Increased carpet life have your carpets and upholstery cleaned at regular intervals.

Finish First Detergent

Matrix Finish First Detergent – Signature Carpet Cleaning uses Finish First to attack the biggest challenges you throw our way. Special additives allow this formula to penetrate and flush away grease, oil, or water-based grime. Even on tough, stain-resistant carpeting 
Matrix chemists developed a unique detergent specifically designed to keep carpet cleaner longer.

Pro's Choice Dirt Chaser

Pro’s Choice Dirt Chaser Pre Spray – Dirt Chaser is a moderate pH enzyme pre-spray/spotter. This product competes with high pH products and can also be used as a protein spotter. It is great for breaking up grease and oil from cooking and other organic stains. Dirt Chaser meets the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) standards for cleaning stain resistant carpet.

Kleenrite Dry Spotter VS

Kleenrite Dry Spotter VS – Dry Spotter VS is a volatile solvent base spotter that does not contain any ozone depleting compounds. It will dissolve oil, grease, paint, ink, fingerprints, as well as many water soluble spots. This fast-drying formula will evaporate completely without rinsing, and will not leave any soil-attracting residue.

Chemspec Liqua-Gel Citrus Solvent

Chemspec Liqua-Gel Citrus Solvent – Liqua Gel lifts off and removes grease, tar, ink, glue, gum, adhesives, oil and other stubborn spots. This unique formula turns into a gel on contact, so it works its magic only on carpet fibers and not the padding beneath.

Matrix All Fiber Rinse

Matrix All Fiber Rinse – Our technicians simply spray on All Fiber Rinse after cleaning and then dry vacuum with an extractor to leave your carpet soft and fluffy with no sticky residue left behind. All Fiber Rinse promotes faster drying carpets and stabilizes carpet dye that brings your carpet back to life. Our customers are surprised how quickly their carpet dries, and they wonder how we managed to get the colors to shine so brilliantly!

Pet Stain & Odor Removers

Matrix Bottom Line

Matrix Bottom Line – No matter what pungent odor you’re dealing with – urine, feces, vomit, decay, or other offensive matter – the bottom line is it’s got to go! That’s why Signature Carpet Cleaning depends on Matrix Bottom Line Odor Eliminator. Bottom Line contains enzyme-producing bacteria that digest organic waste, destroying odors at their source for permanent removal. Unlike other enzyme products, Bottom Line withstands high temperatures and high pH levels without losing its effectiveness. And, because this formulation contains no harsh chemicals, it is non-toxic and safe for the environment.


Odorcide – Odorcide is a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that work through several actions that lead to one result, the complete elimination of odors. Odorcide also contains inhibitors that will control odors long after application.

OSR - Odor & Stain Remover

OSR – Odor & Stain Remover – OSR combines the strength of natural oxygen with the biological power of odor modifiers to destroy offensive odors without leaving behind a strong, artificial fragrance. OSR permanently removes pet odor contamination from stain-resistant carpet.

Black Light Spot Spotter

Black Light Spot Spotter U.V. Urine Detector – Illuminates urine undetectable to the human eye. Works on carpeting, wood flooring, concrete, tile, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Additional Stain Removers

Advanced Stain Remover

Matrix Advanced Stain Remover (ASR) – ASR is a 2-part stain removal solution that will work magic on most stains caused by coffee, urine, tea, and many other difficult-to-remove discolorations. ASR’s unique formula chemically alters the stain to simply make it disappear!

Red Be Gone

Matrix Red-Be-Gone – Red-Be-Gone has a unique chemistry that removes food dye stains by chemically altering their color to make them invisible. Tricky stains like fruit juice and Kool Aid® are no match for Red Be Gone’s advanced formula.

Matrix Rust Eradicator

Matrix Rust Eradicator – Rust stains in residential and commercial settings are unsightly and can quickly create a negative impression. Matrix chemists created Rust Eradicator, a powerful formula specifically designed to not just remove rust stains (new or old), but to eradicate them completely.

Kleenrite Blackout

Kleenrite Blackout – Blackout was specifically developed to target and emulsify the dark lines that appear around the edges of the carpet, under doors and around air vents. It will dissolve and suspend black carbon filtration and other pollution to the surface of the fibers for easy, thorough extraction. It is safe to use on New Generation carpet and natural fibers, such as wool and cotton.